4.12. Other Objects

Here are some interesting oddball objects not discussed elsewhere:

comparator An object that can compute “diffs” between sequences.
compilerProfiling Compiler profiling.
desktop The controlling object for the graphical user interface.
history A history of commands typed at the prompt, and their results.
memory Memory system interface (GC, snapshot, low space, etc.).
monitor System monitor (spy) control.
nil Indicates an uninitialized value.
platforms Possible hardware platforms.
preferences User configuration preferences.
profiling, flatProfiling Controls Self code profiling.
prompt Interactive read-eval-print loop.
scheduler Self process scheduler.
snapshotAction Actions to do before/after a snapshot.
thisHost Describes the current host platform.
times Reports user, system, cpu, or real time.
typeSizes Bit/byte sizes for primitive types.
vmProfiling Virtual machine profiling.