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I/O and Unix


I/O and UnixΒΆ

                unixFile (mixes in traits unixFile currentOsVariant)

The oddball object unix provides access to selected Unix system calls. The most common calls are the file operations: creat(), open(), close(), read(), write(), lseek() and unlink(). tcpConnectToHost:Port:IfFail: opens a TCP connection. The select() call and the indirect system call are also supported (taking a variable number of integer, float or byte vector arguments, the latter being passed as C pointers). unixFile provides a higher level interface to the Unix file operations. The oddball object tty implements terminal control facilities such as cursor positioning and highlighting.

Relevant oddballs:

stdin, stdout, stderr standard Unix streams
tty console terminal capabilities

Modules: unix, stdin, tty, ttySupport, termcap