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I/O and Unix

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I/O and Unix

                unixFile (mixes in traits unixFile currentOsVariant)


This page is out of date for Self 4.5.

Start looking at the object os instead of unix.


If reading from stdin, the prompt object may interfere with your code by stealing input from you. To avoid this, wrap calls in prompt suspendWhile: [ ], for example:

prompt suspendWhile: [ stdin readLine printLine ]

which will read a line from the stdin and echo it to stdout.

The oddball object unix provides access to selected Unix system calls. The most common calls are the file operations: creat(), open(), close(), read(), write(), lseek() and unlink(). tcpConnectToHost:Port:IfFail: opens a TCP connection. The select() call and the indirect system call are also supported (taking a variable number of integer, float or byte vector arguments, the latter being passed as C pointers). unixFile provides a higher level interface to the Unix file operations. The oddball object tty implements terminal control facilities such as cursor positioning and highlighting.

Relevant oddballs:

stdin, stdout, stderr standard Unix streams
tty console terminal capabilities

Modules: unix, stdin, tty, ttySupport, termcap

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